College 101

Boron High School Code (aka CEEB Code) : 050360


Applying to a UC campus

Dates and Deadlines: Watch for DEADLINES. The UC application makes no exceptions due to several thousands of applications needed to be processed.

 The UC "Personal Insight Questions"

A great worksheet to help you get started and organize your thoughts

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Applying to a California State University

Cal State Apply Applicant Help Center


Common Application

With over 800 colleges and universities around the nation and world, the Common App is a easy way to manage your application process. Below are instructional videos to help you navigate through your application through the Common App.

"Creating a First Year Common App Account" Step 1-

"Searching for and Adding Colleges" Step 2-

"Completing the Profile Section" Step 3-

"Completing the Family Section" Step 4-

"Completing the Education Section" Step 5-

"Completing the Testing Section" Step 6-

"Completing the Activities Section" Step 7-

"Completing the Writing Section" Step 8-

"Completing the FERPA Release Authorization" Step 9-

"Intro to the Recommendation Process" Step 10-