School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is intended to be a decision-making body that represents all stakeholders of the school community. The school principal, teachers, other school personnel, parents and students (secondary level) make up this group. Their primary responsibility is to identify common goals and assist the leadership team in establishing a plan to achieve the goals. The key to a successful SSC depends upon a good working relationship among all members of the Council. Each member of the Council shares their unique perspective and knowledge of the school’s needs, as they affect all students, during SSC meetings.

The principal and teachers contribute background knowledge in instructional practices; parents provide the insights on how effective the school is working and how well their children understand their assignments; and students offer insight on the range and effectiveness of learning opportunities available. Other personnel at the school, such as counselors, instructional aides and clerical staff can share insights on how the school can function to support student learning.

School Site Councils operate under the policy direction and with the approval of the Board of Trustees. As the school leadership team and SSC develop, monitor and revise the Single Plan for Student Achievement, the SSC allocates resources to support the plan. There should be continual communication between the SSC, grade levels and departments to ensure that each group supports the other. Communication is essential for each SSC, grade level, department and the Board of Trustees to understand the goals and needs of the other. Communication could take place through the school newsletter, minutes of meetings being posted in prominent places, and reports made during grade level and department meetings.

By working cooperatively, all elements of the school population ensure that each school site plan focuses resources upon improvement strategies, which guarantee that all students meet high standards. 



Information regarding SSC from the CDE can be found here:


2021-2022 School Year Meetings and Information

SSC Agenda- 09/27/21