Dress Code

All students who come to school improperly dressed will be called to the office for conference with the administrator. The student will then need to call their parents to bring suitable clothing. Until suitable clothing is obtained the student may not be allowed to attend class.

Please remember the following is a list of clothing NOT appropriate for students to wear to school:

  1. Clothing which fails to cover portions of the upper torso and undergarments so as to direct particular attention to an area.
  2. No bare midriffs. no"Race Back" tank tops allowed. Standard tank tops are allowed by must cover all undergarment straps. Tanks that tie at the neck or criss-cross in the back are not allowed.
  3. Gang related clothing or articles of clothing (including, but not limited to: bandannas, wristbands sagging baggy pants, long hanging belts, baggy pants without a belt) or any item of clothing which might pose a threat to the physical and/or emotional well-being an safety of the student or others may not be worn on campus.
  4. Clothing which distracts from a productive learning environment, promotes alcohol, tobacco or drugs or contains inappropriate or offensive material may not be worn to school.
  5. For safety and hygienic reasons, appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Flip-Flop type sandals are acceptable.
  6. Students may not wear hats or caps into the classroom, offices or cafeteria. Students may not wear hats sideways on their heads.
  7. Students may not wear pajama type pants and/or tops nor slippers.
  8. No athletic game jerseys are allowed to be worn at school other than football jerseys on game days.

If you have any questions regarding this dress code, please contact the office.

Prohibited Attire

  • Pajamas and Sleepwear
  • Chains
  • Hats (indoors)
  • House slippers
  • Backless shirts
  • Saggy Pants
  • Exposed undergarments
  • Shirts that expose stomach
  • Hanging belt tails
  • Spiked jewelry
  • Shirts that have straps less than two inches wide
  • Hair treated with any material that drips or runs when wet
  • Clothing that exhibits graphics or writing that is profane, sexually suggestive, or promotes drugs, alcohol, violence or prejudice
  • Skirts and shorts shorter than mid-thigh.